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Special solutions in refrigeration plant engineering and construction often include unique solutions. They are designed based on customer requirements, variable production conditions and represent the ideal solution for the customer.

Oftentimes they include small details, for example, something simple like a voltage that is not common here in Europe (e.g. 440 V 60 Hz). Our solutions can cover everything, no matter what your requirements or wishes may be…

Modular chiller with an output of 300 kW installed in a standard cargo container to expand production in the food industry. Manufactured and designed completely according to customer specifications.

Gas drying plant to convert landfill gas into electricity, to cool down 5000 m³/h from 32℃ to -25℃ under explosion-proof conditions and reheat it in a renewable manner. Due to the corrosive effect of the landfill gas, the system was designed completely in stainless steel (1.4571).

Energy-optimised high shelf warehouse cooling in the food industry with outside air control based on the enthalpy difference between extracted air and outside air. The 400 kW plant is monitored remotely and keeps the 60m x 40m x 30m warehouse at 4℃ and 2℃.

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Examples of special solutions

Sustainability in Air Drying.

The production of a trendsetting lifestyle product is being reimagined. Previous production methods and processes are being invented to be more sustainable and climate-sensitive.

We are doing our part by rethinking "air-drying". Because we know: The importance of energy in the overall process will be more important tomorrow than it already is today.

This is how we succeed in creating a completely new product - sustainably.

In this process, the moist airflow is dried with the best possible recovery of its valuable cargo, its waste heat. The waste heat is not used in secondary, mostly rather unproductive processes, but is reused one-to-one, in the same process, on site! It thus replaces 77% of valuable energy recuperatively! Thus the ecological balance of the total process reaches a provable depth.

The process on the air side takes place in hygienic installations and the compact plant is built easily accessible under highest hygienic requirements.

We call it a special solution because we have designed it only for your application. Because it tackles and completes your process in the food sector optimally and ecologically with the lowest possible energy consumption. Simply your solution.

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