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In the field of environmental simulation, WEISSHAAR offers temperature and climatic chambers, as well as plant growth chambers. These systems are used to study the interaction between a product and its environment.

WEISSHAAR chambers ensure climatic and environmentally relevant conditions with a high degree of constancy and reproducibility, and therefore enable findings on the qualification of products or test specimens for given environmental conditions.

The test chambers we design and manufacture are precisely tailored and designed according to your requirements. The simulation range includes temperatures from +150°C to -60°C. In the climatic working area, we can simulate humidity from 10% to 95% relative humidity. We take your geometric requirements into account and determine the required heating and cooling capacity specifically for the customer on the basis of the test assignment.

Smaller temperature and climatic chambers can be constructed and delivered as compact units. Larger chambers are set up by our service technicians in consultation on site. Here, the chamber, air conditioning units and the remaining components are designed so that the intelligent pre-assembly at our factory reduces the assembly work at the end customer's location to a minimum.

Our chambers feature a high-performance programmable logic controller with Siemens S7 and a connected control panel. The control panel allows users to conveniently enter all process data, such as the temperature and humidity. Furthermore, it also possible to create graphic and numeric documentation of all setpoints and actual values of a test cycle. In addition to the display of pure process data, the entire system including system components such as dampers, fans or the status of the refrigeration unit can also be displayed on request.

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