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We are a medium-sized company with 65 employees and have specialised in equipment and plants in the field of refrigeration and systems engineering in various industries. Our technology is used especially for complex production and cooling processes, where customised, reliable as well as economic and energy-efficient solutions are in demand.

If necessary, our systems can be tailored to meet customised factory standards and national regulations, energy saving concepts. In addition, corrosive or explosive atmospheres can also be taken into consideration, for example. We produce exclusively in Germany (Bad Salzuflen) and only use high quality components that are available worldwide. Our production area covering more than 4500 m² consists of in-house welding shops for stainless steel and mild steel, a sheet metal processing area, switch cabinet construction area, an in-house paint shop and a final assembly area for each product category.

We have been supplying OEM customers and original equipment manufacturers with our customised refrigeration technology for over 45 years. Our main priority is our high quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our customers outsource the field of refrigeration and systems engineering to specialists, use our expertise and can offer your own customers an extensive and complete range of products.

Our dedication to quality does not stop with the sale: take advantage of our global service and technical systems support.

Refrigeration technology and refrigeration systems - for trade and industry

That’s what Weisshaar can do for you...

Weisshaar milestones

A number of current developments
  • 07/2024

    Floodgates - Hochwassersperren gegen die Fluten

    In den letzten Tagen verursachte das Hochwasser in Klüt erneut massive Schäden, nachdem vor einem Jahr schon einmal eine Überschwemmung für katastrophale Zustände in den Kellern und Wohnzimmern der Anwohner gesorgt hatte.

    Inmitten des Dorfes wohnt unser Mitarbeiter Alexander, dessen Erdgeschoss samt Wohnzimmer ebenfalls zum zweiten Mal verschlammt wurde, zuletzt vor einem Jahr.

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  • 05/2024

    Weisshaar presents "The Chevy"

    Unser Chevy-Restaurationsprojekt ist nun abgeschlossen und unser Firmen-Maskottchen von 1964 komplett aufgerüstet. Unvergessliche Momente als Team bleiben als Erinnerung an das ungewöhnliche Projekt zurück. Unser Fazit: Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht!

    Nun können Sie in unserem neuen Film "The Chevy" den Verlauf und den Ausgang unseres Projekts selbst miterleben. Also werfen Sie doch einfach mal einen Blick hinein!

    zum Film

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  • 2022

    Eigener Produktionsstrom von der Sonne

    Noch im Jahr 2022 wurde unsere Photovoltaikanlage fertig. Wir sind damit in der Lage den Strom zur Produktion unserer Kälteanlagen über das Jahr vollständig "vom Dach" zu decken und somit die Nachhaltigkeit der Anlagen auch noch in deren eigener Herstellung voranzutreiben.


  • 2021


    Thorsten opferte seit der tragischen Flut einige Wochenenden und Urlaub, um vor Ort zu helfen...


  • 2021

    Anno 1991, Plant in a steel mill - service technician Tobi

    The plant cools a driver's cab and electrical equipment on an overhead crane under really harsh conditions. There are temperatures of up to 80°C and heavy dusts. The plant has to withstand shocks and vibrations again and again. And it has been doing so since 1991 ...

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  • 01/2021

    The coolness factor

    As a training company, we consider it our duty to motivate our future generation in tough times. We are starting a joint project that boasts the coolness factor. Maintain your curiosity and check back later.

    Trailer The "Cup Challenge" by Weisshaar

  • 12/2020

    Merchandise management system

    Weisshaar introduces a new merchandise management system that makes it easier for you to work with us - be it as a customer or a supplier.

  • 09/2020

    Working together against COVID

    During the pandemic, Weisshaar developed a powerful ventilation unit for larger rooms with the effective high-performance H14 filter. This separates germs from the air and reduces the viral load of the surrounding air.

  • 06/2020

    Service team

    Despite widespread international travel restrictions due to the pandemic, our service team, with the support of the Chamber of Foreign Trade, succeeded in providing commissioning support to customers on-site in the urgently needed food sector. Thanks to the dedication of our team, commissioning was able to take place in several urgent cases.

  • 05/2020

    KTG 145 cab cooler

    A new compact cooling unit is presented for existing spatial conditions and cabin recesses. The KTG 145 unit for moderate steel mill atmospheres is equipped with a high-quality Bitzer compressor, despite its compact dimensions.

  • 2019

    Drying system

    Weisshaar develops a drying system for the exhaust air of stationary fuel cells that enhances overall economic efficiency. With it, fire protection requirements can be satisfied more economically.

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