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We are currently offering the following interesting and appealing jobs to strengthen our team:

We provide a friendly team for your thorough induction training. A pleasant working atmosphere along with a diversified and exciting job with appealing conditions awaits you.

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Industrial refrigeration technology
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D-32107 Bad Salzuflen, Germany

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At WEISSHAAR, you can start a training programme to become a mechatronics technician for refrigeration engineering.

Mechatronics technician? - What is that?

You will find a great deal of useful information about the profession of a Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration. Under "Testimonials of our trainees", you can get to know people who are currently undergoing or have already completed the training programme at WEISSHAAR.

We offer you a future with promising opportunities!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to your application.

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The world of refrigeration engineering.


Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration: a new trade ... for young people!

Mechatronics technicians design and build plants and systems comprising refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump technology, including the electrical and electronic components.

Refrigeration technology undergoes constant change: as a result, the industry is searching for and discovering new, alternative refrigeration methods using natural refrigerants. The industrial plants are controlled by high-performance electronic controls. This will also soon be possible using an iPhone.

Since refrigeration is now essential in most industries, this profession can open doors to many interesting areas. WEISSHAAR, for example, manufactures cooling systems for confectionery machines. It is a wonderful experience to be able to try a new confectionery product before it is even sold at the grocery store as well as learn how something like that is produced at all.

You can find more details about the training programme, the jobs and the future prospects of a Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration at


It is a lucrative and forward-looking profession for people who enjoy technology

Everyone who enjoys technology, is dedicated to developing themselves professionally and who is looking for a lucrative and future-oriented profession should take a closer look at this career path.

Someone who likes to travel in distant countries and speaks English very well, can travel the world with his laptop in a suitcase: refrigeration technicians, who also want to get to know a new country and new people are in high demand in many countries. Such an experience is usually far better than a package holiday, because the people there are usually happy and proud to show foreign visitors "their" country.

Everyone whose focus lies in IT and electronics has a permanent playground for their knowledge with the sophisticated control tasks and the progressive networking in refrigeration.

Or everyone who likes practical work, who becomes restless in an office after only 2 days will find a lucrative job in refrigeration technology with many interesting materials and processing methods.


Do I have possibilities for getting a job?

A statement provided by the German Federal Technical College KÄLTE-KLIMATECHNIK in Maintal, Germany acknowledges that "many jobs cannot be filled, because there are no suitable specialised personnel...". For example, around 20,000 workers are employed in 2,000 companies. Their need for new personnel requires approximately 2,000 trainees in the field of refrigeration plant manufacturing.

With these bright prospects, it is surprising that many positions unfortunately still remain vacant. Is it because not many people know about the profession? Then we would like to help spread the word.


And what happens after the training programme? A look into the future.

You should first learn about your prospective employer. What are his priorities? There are companies that only work regionally. Others even work worldwide. You should ask which areas the company covers: does the company primarily serve supermarkets and restaurants or does it focus in the industrial sector or perhaps even the field of process engineering? Of course, the size of the company also plays a role: a small business can often be much more flexible than a larger company, however, personal matters then often require even more flexibility. It is also important how many apprentices are regularly trained. When you inquire about the training programme, you also your necessary interest in the profession as well as the potential employer.

After finding the "right" company and successfully completing the application process, primary and secondary school graduates undergo three and a half years of training.

During the training period, you will learn all the practical knowledge and skills that are required for the successful vocational qualification. Since not all companies have all the important production processes, inter-company training courses are also offered externally.

Perhaps our most important tip we want to give you on your professional path: ask questions. Never stop asking questions until you really understand the functions and processes. Ask your supervisors, colleagues as well as your boss. There are no "stupid questions" and only people who are proactive get answers. This not only applies to the training programme for Mechatronics Technicians for Refrigeration but naturally to your entire professional career as well.


And what happens after the training programme? A look into the future

For future refrigeration plant engineers, this little-known profession offers good career opportunities for advancement as a journeyman, assembly supervisor, master craftsmen, technician, Dipl-Ing. (FH).

After passing the final exam, you have the job title of Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration. (Up until July 2007, the job title was Refrigeration Plant Engineer.)

With the great demand for new qualified personnel, it will not be difficult to apply your knowledge and skills as a Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration and earn very good money.

For the training programme to become a Master Craftsman, theoretical training and preparation courses for the examination for the Master Craftsman's Certificate are held in different cities throughout Germany. The training programmes are subsidised.

You can become a Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration over the alternative educational path by attending a University of Applied Sciences and successfully graduating with a diploma in engineering (FH).

Or maybe you will remain loyal to company that trained you? You got to know people and appreciate the good sides and can overlook the less good sides? Internal vacancies will naturally also become available, be it for reasons of age or changes in personnel. Just give it a try: the training will provide you with a good basis for your further professional qualification.


We offer training!

The training provided at WEISSHAAR for Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration proves successful. One of our trainees, who underwent the training programme in 2013, took first place in the "Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks 2013 – PLW- Profis leisten was" - a competition for Mechatronics Technicians for Refrigeration and also was the Chamber of Commerce winner.

This competition has allowed the best up-and-coming skilled craftsmen to showcase their talent since 1951. The extremely successful performances of the trainees trained at WEISSHAAR at this year's competition provided encouraging confirmation for the trainers and teachers alike.

The competition was promoted by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks, ZDH) and the Foundation for Talents Promotion in Handicrafts (Stiftung für Begabtenförderung im Handwerk). The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) provided financial support.

You can find more information at:


Tobias — Trainee at WEISSHAAR

"There is always something new to see. I really like the variety. I recommend the training programme to everyone who enjoys technology."

Daniel — Training successfully completed in 2007

"I love the versatility and I am able to adapt to new situations. It's especially fascinating in the industry."
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