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In contrast to conventional chillers, our liquid coolers FKL are tailor-made solutions and take into consideration all sector and product-specific features.

Our liquid coolers are tailor-made; for example, we create the ready-to-connect consumer circuits for you at the same time, fully piped and integrated — and in the respective optimum hydraulic circuit! This considerably reduces the time required on site! 

The electrical switch cabinet is also integrated into the liquid cooler and the interface to your process visualisation (e.g. Siemens S7) is determined in advance.
Weisshaar liquid coolers can be manufactured and mounted as compact systems or as split systems. With a split liquid cooler unit, the air cooled compressor is installed separately, usually on the façade or the roof of the building. The waste heat from the refrigeration is then discharged outside the building and does not affect the building air-conditioning. We of course provide you with competent advice about recovering energy from this valuable waste heat process!

Only high quality components, which are also locally available, are used in our liquid coolers FKL, so that the system can be operated for as long as possible. 

An optimum refrigerant is used, according to the temperature range or place of use. In Europe, the F-Gas Regulation applies in its current version.

In addition to the need for reliable – also often redundant – operation, we place particular importance on energy-efficient refrigeration at low operating costs when designing our systems. Far-reaching energy-saving concepts are implemented even in our standards. We will be happy to perform further energy optimisation of your system to meet your exact requirements. Significant savings can be achieved in the operating phase with very little financial expenditure in the investment phase.

Weisshaar offers free comprehensive consultation at an early project stage to achieve an ideal, reliable and economic solution for our customers.

After commissioning, our equipment is also maintained by our service technicians worldwide to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation.

Sustainably and environmentally friendly produced plants

Allow us to show you how we understand sustainability. 

Even as a design principle, we set the highest standards for a long service life.

Allow us to advise you on our efficiency packages and ecological refrigerants. Expect more!

Selection of well-known experienced component manufacturers with worldwide availability and service-friendly designs.

Even in 10 to 15 years.

Components clearly arranged for easy access in the event of a rare defect.

Simply replace only the individual part in 15 years, not the entire device.

Stable pipe systems and oversized frame construction.

Material savings at the beginning often only become apparent after the warranty.

Professional plant design incl. hydraulically optimized circuits.

Technically far-sighted planning and optimized for best quality. Sustainably thought out for the future.

Simple, standardised solutions are often sufficient and the focus lies on economic efficiency.

The FKR series are air-cooled liquid coolers for industrial use with outdoor and indoor installation. These liquid coolers are designed for all applications that require reliability, performance continuity and reduced management costs.

Equipped with one or more scroll compressors, an air-cooled condenser with axial fans, as well as a reliable evaporator and including buffer storage. The integrated feed pump ensures a reliable supply of cooling water and is designed for operation with water/glycol.

All models feature a strong self-supporting frame and cladding panels that can be easily removed for straightforward access for maintenance and repair.

A microprocessor control system ensures fully automatic operation and is housed in the control box, which is also integrated.

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