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We are a medium-sized company with 65 employees and have specialised in equipment and plants in the field of refrigeration and systems engineering in various industries. Our technology is used especially for complex production and cooling processes, where customised, reliable as well as economic and energy-efficient solutions are in demand.

If necessary, our systems can be tailored to meet customised factory standards and national regulations, energy saving concepts. In addition, corrosive or explosive atmospheres can also be taken into consideration, for example. We produce exclusively in Germany (Bad Salzuflen) and only use high quality components that are available worldwide. Our production area covering more than 4500 m² consists of in-house welding shops for stainless steel and mild steel, a sheet metal processing area, switch cabinet construction area, an in-house paint shop and a final assembly area for each product category.

We have been supplying OEM customers and original equipment manufacturers with our customised refrigeration technology for over 45 years. Our main priority is our high quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our customers outsource the field of refrigeration and systems engineering to specialists, use our expertise and can offer your own customers an extensive and complete range of products.

Our dedication to quality does not stop with the sale: take advantage of our global service and technical systems support.

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