Grain refrigeration devices (GKT)

Optimal warehouse storage via refrigerated conservation

Grain is one of the worlds most important raw materials and also one of the most important basic foods. Unfortunately, large quantities of grain spoil in silos every year or may only still be used at maximum as feed grain due to incorrect storage.

Cereals (grains and oilseeds) should ideally be stored dry and cool in order to prevent loss of breathability due to metabolic processes and insect infestation. As a result of storage at harvest temperatures without refrigeration, carbohydrates in the cereals are converted to water and heat. This causes loss of substance and the increase of gain pests such as grain weevils and mould fungus and mycotoxins is favoured.

WEISSHAAR grain refrigerator have been developed especially for speedy and low-cost refrigeration of cereals of all types. Our product palette (see download area) enables to cover all sizes of family-owned storage facilities of up to 500 t and large-scale storage facilities up to 15,000 t and more. Our grain refrigerators are still able to be expanded with various options to ensure perfect commercial adaptation to the respective conditions.

Our grain refrigerators lead the in-feed external air through an efficient refrigeration register and cool it to the pre-set temperature. To protect the grain refrigerator and ballast, the fresh air is cleaned beforehand by a generous pocket filter system. During subsequent cooling, the dew-point of the fresh air is dropped below and condensate water is omitted. The result is drying and refrigeration of the most external air and increased relative humidity.

Cereals are hygroscopic! A moisture balance forms between the grain and the cool air from the grain refrigerator. In order to prevent moistening of the ballast, the increased relative moisture must be lowered again via refrigeration of the process air. WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators are therefore equipped with a moisture guard as a standard. The thermal energy required for this is provided via a heating pump switch so that no additional electrical energy needs to be consumed.

With WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators, dry refrigeration may also be implemented as a side effect by lowering the moisture of the grain slightly in addition to the temperature.

All WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators feature an electronic control system including diverse operating modes. This results in the optimal control, regulation, and monitoring of the refrigeration process. Secure and commercially effective provision of the optimal cool air volume flow is therefore guaranteed. A clearly laid-out modern touch panel is used for input and communication. The respective operating type controls the device in energy-efficient automatic mode, which provides maximum operating safety and a high degree of efficiency.