KTGc – serial production

KTGi – Made to measure

Crane cab coolers – KTG

Climate management
for crane cabins
and sensitive
crane technology

Weisshaar - industrial refrigeration technology for more than 40 years. Crane coolers and A/C systems from Weisshaar ensure an optimum working climate for crane operators as well as ideal conditions for sensitive power and control electronics. Our crane temperature units (KTG) are designed for heavy-duty industrial requirements and continuous, non-stop operation with large temperature differences. We offer air conditioning technology for particularly demanding conditions, as common in heat plants: Ambient temperatures up to 90 °C, dusty and corrosive ambient air, noxious gases as well as strong shocks and vibrations.

*Production: Refrigerant filling

Quality for heavy-duty operation

We have experience in practice where absolute robustness, high-quality components and protective coatings are required.

Robust frame
The KTG frame underwent an endurance test according to EN 60068-2-27:2010 with 5-times gravitational acceleration and was certified by an accredited test laboratory
Brand components
Only high quality brand products are fitted. Because of this, the components can be sourced locally worldwide.
Surfaces and coating
The materials and coatings we use fulfil all relevant project requirements, such as corrosion, inadmissible air compositions, high levels of heat radiation and extremely high ambient temperatures.
*Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor

The Refrigeration Compressor

Designed for high ambient temperatures and hard shocks we are using two kinds of compressors:

Semi-hermetic compressors
Designed for extreme conditions with integrated cooling by means of the refrigerant suction gas.
Scroll Compressors
Used for robust use for middle to high temperatures. Compact and smooth running.

The condenser

Designed for the highest of ambient temperatures and very polluted air, these key components excel due to:

  • Core tube with thick walls and dirt repelling fins.
  • Particularly wide fin spacing against dirt deposits.
  • Adapted to your particular ambient air conditions.

The WEISSHAAR Quality Features.

A design for permanent and continuous operation at the highest loads as well as compensating for large temperature variations gave us reason to design our structural components for absolute maintainability and minimum downtimes when service is required:

  • Large volume refrigerant receiver, to retain the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle during service work.
  • Sight glass for direct visual control of the refrigeration cycle.
  • Large-scale refrigerant dryer.
  • High and low pressure switch in an enclosed design.
  • Overpressure generation in the control/ switch area against pollution through inflow of tempered, filtered and circulated air.
  • Easy drip pan cleaning by means of good accessibility following VDI 6022.
  • Air-ducts are protected against water entering or escaping.

Find the optimum air conditioning solution

The KTGc line impresses with proven technology in series production. The KTGi line – with its custom-made modules that have proven themselves to you – adapts to individual factory standards.


KTGc – serial production

  • Models for ambient temperatures up to 70 °C and 80 °C
  • Sturdy housing construction with sheet metal frame profile
  • Colour-coated with acid and alkali resistant paint.

KTGi – Made to measure

  • For ambient temperatures up to 90 °C
  • Housing design in stainless steel
  • Individual works and electric norms or specifications fulfilment

WEISSHAAR – Standard features and accessories
for the crane temperature units

Models for ambient temperatures up to 70 °C and 80 °C
Model for ambient temperatures up to 90 °C
Sturdy housing construction with insulated sheet metal frame profile with painted surface.
Housing design in stainless steel 1.4301 (Aisi 304) and/or 1.4571 (Aisi 316)
Compliance with individual coating requirements
Individual works and electric norms or specifications fulfilment
Cooler section as per VDI 6022 for hygiene requirements
Air terminals are protected against water entering or escaping
Heat exchanger for corrosive atmospheres
Secured heating made of stainless steel, thermostatically controlled, integrated overheating protection
Operator comfort package consisting of comfort control WEISSHAARTouch with automatic volume flow control and performance adjustment of the cooling and heating level.
Passive fresh air supply with dust and active carbon filter
Air supply unit FLT, customised filtering with 2 filter levels via pre- and main filter and active overpressure into the cabin or e-room
Air supply unit FLT-PLUS, customised filtering with 3 filter levels via preand main filter as well as active carbon filter and active overpressure into the cabin or e-room
Air supply unit CO-PLUS consisting of the filter unit FLT-PLUS and an additional CO-filter to ensure health and safety at work
Stainless steel roof for protection against weather for outdoor installation
Package for operating the cooling system at temperatures below 5 °C
Drip water is removed via condensate evaporator or -sprayer

Heat exchanger executions

Core pipe Fins
Copper (Cu) Alu-Epoxy (AE)
Stainless steel 1.4301 Alu-Epoxy (AE) optional
Stainless steel 1.4301 Stainless steel 1.4301
Stainless steel 1.4571 Stainless steel 1.4571
Copper (Cu) Copper (Cu)
Copper (Cu) Coating optional